The ADO offers 3 easy plans:

The Dental Plan

  • free dental visits
  • free diagnostic testing
  • free cleaning
  • free fluoride treatment
  • Deep discounts on further needed top-quality dental treatment

The Ortho Plan

  • Free diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Coordination of treatment with current treating orthodontist
  • Unlimited free braces adjustments
  • Unlimited free retainer adjustments
  • 1 Free retainer replacement

Ortho Plan Includes a BONUS!

25% off full orthodontic treatment
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The Combined Plan

Enjoy the benefits of both plans and receive the combined ADO plan discount!


As you prepare to send your children to study in Israel, we are proud to introduce you to The ADO Plan - The American Dental & Orthodontic plan. As a parent myself, I understand there are many concerns parents have when sending their child abroad. Students in Israel are at an age where many common dental issues first arise. We routinely see patients experiencing pain from impacted wisdom teeth, deep cavities, and gum disease. Typically, they only seek dental care once their dental problems are already severe. Even when students come in for more basic needs such as a lost retainer or a cleaning, they often only find us after having spent excessive time and money seeking the proper address for their dental needs. It has become clear that students are lacking adequate dental and orthodontic care during their stay in Israel. That is why we have created the ADO Plan - The American Dental & Orthodontic Plan. The ADO plan is a comprehensive and affordable dental and orthodontic plan which will provide proper care for your child throughout his/her stay in Israel. With the ADO plan, parents can rest assured that their children can have a dental carefree year, another reason for them to have happy and healthy smiles throughout their stay in Israel.
All the Best,
Dr. Edo Lavi

Meet Dr. Edo Lavi

Dr. Edo Lavi is a graduate of UMDNJ Dental School and NYU Post Graduate School of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. After graduating with honors in 2003, Dr. Lavi established his office in Israel providing the highest quality of care in the industry. He is proud to bring the highest standards of his training to Israel, and is dedicated to achieving optimal results for every case while giving every patient individualized attention.
I always took great care of my teeth and I never had a cavity as a child, but when I came home from my first year in Seminary, my mouth was full of cavities! Now I teach in seminary, and I encourage the students to take care of their teeth. As an orthodontic patient of Dr. Lavi, I know that the combination of the highest level of professional care and outstanding service will be just what the doctor ordered for these students here for the year.

E. Hartstein, Ramat Shilo
I was playing football in Kraft, when my tooth was knocked out! My rebbe immediately got Dr. Lavi on the phone ( at 10 pm on a Saturday night!) and within minutes I had a treatment plan. Losing a tooth can be very traumatic, but Dr Lavi and his staff made each step of the process easy, affordable and painless. It is all behind me, I have a gorgeous new implant and I am forever thankful to Dr. Lavi for his guidance through the entire ordeal

Y. Katz, NY
I was on a tiyul in Eilat and I lost my retainer! I was so worried my teeth would shift! My friend's mother said I should go to Dr. Lavi's office. I got an appointment right away, they were SO nice, and they have an in-house lab, so a half hour later I walked out with a new retainer! My new retainer is more comfortable than my old one! I was so happy to find an office in Israel with such amazing care and service!

T. Schwartz, NJ

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