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Edo Lavi
1836 East 15th street
Brooklyn, NY

" I was on a tiyul in Eilat and I lost my retainer! I was so worried my teeth would shift! My friend's mother said I should go to Dr. Lavi's office. I got an appointment right away, they were SO nice, and they have an in-house lab, so a half hour later I walked out with a new retainer! My new retainer is more comfortable than my old one! I was so happy to find an office in Israel with such amazing care and service!"
T. Schwartz, NJ

" I was in the middle of my year in Israel, when I started to feel like I was teething! The irritation in the back of my mouth became so bad I couldn't focus on my learning. My cousin told me to make an appointment with Dr. Lavi. When I arrived at his beautiful office, I couldn't believe how nice everyone was! They did a panoramic X-ray and within 10 minutes I was diagnosed with impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Lavi recommended 3 highly qualified oral surgeons, he took the time to discuss my case with the surgeon I chose and helped guide me and my parents through the entire process. I feel like I was better off having my wisdom teeth treated in Israel than I would have been in America!
A. Fried, LA

" I was playing football in Kraft, when my tooth was knocked out! My rebbe immediately got Dr. Lavi on the phone ( at 10 pm on a Saturday night!) and within minutes I had a treatment plan. Losing a tooth can be very traumatic, but Dr Lavi and his staff made each step of the process easy, affordable and painless. It is all behind me, I have a gorgeous new implant and I am forever thankful to Dr. Lavi for his guidance through the entire ordeal,"
Y. Katz, NY

" I always took great care of my teeth and I never had a cavity as a child, but when I came home from my first year in Seminary, my mouth was full of cavities! Now I teach in seminary, and I encourage the students to take care of their teeth. As an orthodontic patient of Dr. Lavi, I know that the combination of the highest level of professional care and outstanding service will be just what the doctor ordered for these students here for the year. "
E. Hartstein, Ramat Shilo

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